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Auslan News

For regular “Auslan news” videos, please see:

COVID-19 informational Auslan videos (with captions) created by Deaf Victoria and Expression Australia

Why should you get vaccinated?

This video explains why you should vaccinated against COVID-19 and which vaccines are available in Australia.

Advice on Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines

This video explains about the changed advice on Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines for people over 60. It also explains the risk of TTS with AstraZeneca vaccines for people under 60.

How to book your COVID-19 vaccinations

This video explains how to book your COVID-19 vaccinations through phone or the online booking portal. It also explains how you can obtain proof of vaccination from Medicare using MyGov.

How vaccines are approved

This video explains the approval process for vaccines in Australia, and the status of two new vaccines, Moderna and Novavax, purchased by the Commonwealth Government.

Do I have to wear a mask - yes or no?

This video explains different scenarios where you must wear a mask under the guidelines from the Victorian Government.

Debunking COVID-19 and Vaccine Myths

This video is about debunking myths associated with COVID-19 and vaccines.

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Three women engaged in conversation using Auslan

COVID-19 Australia wide and state-specific information

This section contains COVID-19 information relevant to Australia. It also contains state-specific COVID-19 information such as restrictions, border closures, and other essential information.