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Deaf people use interpreters to communicate with other communities and the hearing world.

There are 3 types of interpreters

Auslan interpreters convey meaning from spoken English into Auslan and vice versa, and may be either simultaneous or consecutive.

People who are Deaf and have a vision impairment use Deafblind or tactile interpreters. The Deafblind individual places their hands over the interpreter’s and reads the signs through touch and movement.

Deaf interpreters are people who are themselves Deaf, and like Auslan interpreters are highly skilled in translating from one language to another.

They transfer meaning between Auslan and an alternate form of communication for individuals who do not use standard Auslan. Deaf interpreters work together with an Auslan interpreter who will first interpret English to Auslan for the Deaf interpreter.

IMPORTANT: Always remember to book an Auslan interpreter when requesting for a Deaf interpreter.