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We aim to provide a great user experience for everyone, regardless of your access to or ability with technology.

To do this, we are applying the relevant accessibility standards.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) sets out the rules and requirements for improving accessibility for people with disability. Our designers and developers use the guidelines from WUHCAG to make the DeafNav site more accessible.

Our aim is to achieve a Level AA accessibility standard.

This is an ongoing process, and we are committed to improving accessibility to the DeafNav website as our website evolves.

We aim to improve the accessibility of DeafNav’s website by

  • Providing ongoing accessibility training for relevant staff;
  • Including people with disability in DeafNav’s design personas;
  • Conducting accessibility testing and producing written reports during our User Acceptance Testing Phase; and
  • Partnering with design agencies that are experienced with and committed to high accessibility standards.

There are some known major accessibility limitations with the DeafNav website. Further limitations that arise will be included here as we become aware of them.

Search bar: the current version of the DeafNav website does not feature a search bar. A search bar will be included in the next development.

Please let us know if you encounter an accessibility issue with DeafNav’s website. You can contact us here. Your feedback helps us improve our website for everyone.