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DeafNav was funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency as part of their Information, Linkages and Capacity Building program to provide a central location for information regarding deafness.

It brought together three Deaf societies: Expression Australia (Victoria and Tasmania), Deaf Can:Do (South Australia) and Deaf Services (Queensland). This site is currently maintained by Expression Australia.

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Formerly Vicdeaf or the Victorian Deaf Society, Expression Australia is a not for profit community organisation and the first Deaf Society formed in Australia.

It provides information, programs and education to over 16,000 Deaf and hard of hearing adults each year through a diverse range of services across sixteen sites in Victoria and Tasmania.

Established in 1884, Expression Australia’s vision is that its clients and community live in an accessible, inclusive society with equal opportunity in all areas of life.

Formerly the Royal South Australian Deaf Society, Deaf Can:Do is a not for profit organisation established in 1891, providing access to support services, Auslan/English interpreting services, and individual support for the Deaf and hard of hearing.

It also provides a way to build general awareness about Auslan and Deaf culture in South Australia.

Together with its clients, Deaf Can:Do strives to build inclusive communities, and supports people to gain the skills to live their lives without limitations.

In 2022, DeafCan:Do merged with Deaf Connect is now known as Deaf Connect.

Established in 1903, Deaf Services Queensland is a leading provider of support services and information to the Deaf and hard of hearing community members across all ages in Queensland, with a focus on community and empowerment.

All services and programs provided enable the community to live full, independent lives.

In 2022, Deaf Services merged with the Deaf Society to form Deaf Connect.

Deaf Connect is the largest whole-of-life service provider and social impact organisation for all Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing Australians. We stand with the Deaf community to build capacity and influence social change while paying respect to history, culture and language.

With a focus on community and empowerment, Deaf connect supports Deaf Australians and their families to make choices and actions to thrive in life, while delivering on a national agenda to improve equity for the Deaf community, and removing systemic cultural and language barriers.

Deaf Connect is the largest employer of Deaf Australians, a registered NDIS provider and a provider of in-home care for seniors and Auslan interpreting nationally. Deaf Connect is Australia’s premier sign language training provider (RTO Provider Number 41192). Programs delivered include: Early Childhood Development Programs, Community Engagement and Development Activities, Interpreting Services, Educational Programs and Lifestyle Supports for adults. Deaf Connect continues to develop the capacity of Deaf and hard of hearing communities through a diverse range of representation to Government, Industry and Community sectors to ensure the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people are considered.