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How to find NDIS–registered service providers

After identifying the types of services that can help you achieve your life and support goals, you will need to research and then find providers in your area. This will let you decide whether they can provide the supports you need to achieve your goals.

Before choosing your provider, you can

  • Research providers on the internet and check reviews
  • Get advice from friends or family
  • Contact different providers in person or over the phone.

Note: Organisations or individual service providers in all states and territories except Western Australia (WA) can apply to be a Registered NDIS Provider with the NDIS Commission (opens in a new window). Organisations and individuals from WA can apply to be a Registered Provider of Supports (RPoS) with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Can I use Unregistered Service Providers?

Yes, you can. For NDIS participants, you can access unregistered providers only if your NDIS plan is Plan-managed or Self-managed. However, if you are NDIA-managed, you can use only NDIS-registered providers.

If you Self-manage your NDIS plan, unregistered providers will send their invoices to you. After you have paid, you can manually claim the funds back from the NDIS using the NDIS portal (myplace portal - opens in a new window).

If you are Plan-managed, your Plan Manager does this for you.

For more information NDIS plans and service providers, see links below: