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Hearing loss changes a person’s relationship to the world.

Be nice to each other

When you can no longer hear some of the things you are used to, it can change the way you relate to your families and they to you. Family communication is essential, whether hearing loss or deafness affects your family or not.

  • If you are the speaker, take full responsibility to ensure what you are saying is being heard and understood. If it is not, you need to fix it.
  • If you are the listener, it is your responsibility to let the speaker know whether you have heard and understood what they are saying.
  • People with hearing loss really appreciate when those closest to them, such as family and friends, make clear communication a priority.

When your loved one has hearing loss, you may experience the frustration of repeating yourself, the feeling of being ignored and/or a feeling of separation from the relationship.

Remember to forgive and always try to practise empathy, especially when your patience is wearing thin. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Try to be calm, cool and balanced in your communication.

Communication makes us human, and sometimes there can be communication mishaps. The sooner we develop an attitude of acceptance, the smoother it will go.

Here is further information on how to live with family members harmoniously (the links below will open in a new window).

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