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Hearing aid technology is always improving and changing. It can be difficult to decide on which hearing aid to choose and what to expect. Researching the various hearing technologies available can help you choose what suits your needs best.

The different levels of hearing-aid technology

If you spend more time at home, level 1 hearing aids might be the best solution. They are available in smaller sizes and ideal in situations with minimal background noise (watching television or having a conversation).

If you often in noisy environments, level 2 hearing aids help tune into specific sounds you do not want to miss. These can be accompanied by the smart accessories (example: pocket remote control), to adjust the volume or sound quality between environments (watching television at home and then attending an important meeting at work).

Level 3 hearing aids are well suited to moderate background noise and assist with social interactions in small groups, dining out at restaurants or watching television.

Level 5 hearing aids address needs that involve busy social lives, and are well suited to enable hearing in noisy environments.

These aids are currently top-of-the-line technology and can auto-adapt to your surroundings. These aids can focus on the sounds the wearer wants to hear, minimise unwanted sounds from other directions, without needing any manual adjustments.

Features of hearing aids

They reduce the distraction of background noise, to focus on sounds that are coming from in front of you.

They are for those who find the controls on hearing aids challenging to use.

These are special circuits in hearing aids that make it easier to hear on the telephone by removing other sounds from your environment

Several programs can be set for specific listening situations (noisy environments, talking on the phone or watching TV).

Advanced hearing-aid features

This allows both units to work together so you can control both from just one unit. This means you only need to adjust one hearing aid for features on both hearing aids to work together.

These can operate both aids and connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices like phones, music players and computers.

They reduce impulsive sounds like clanging dishes.

This records the hearing aid wearers preferences and automatically applied the changes to the hearing aid programming.

Allows you to automatically switch to the telephone program.

More advanced features

  • Wind noise reduction
  • Real ear effect assists in distinguishing sounds from the front rather than the sounds from behind
  • Sound quality enhancers provides richer, fuller and a more natural hearing experience
  • Rechargeable batteries – place your hearing aids in a recharger overnight.

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