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What is the Deaf Community?

00:03 The Deaf community in Australia is a diverse cultural and linguistic minority group.

00:10 Deaf people’s interaction with other people, and the world around them, is primarily visual

00:17 and their culture is based on this visual orientation.

00:25 Sign language is at the centre of the Deaf culture and community

00:29 and the single most unifying characteristic.

00:33 In Australia, the Deaf community's language is Auslan, Australian Sign Language.

00:40 Often, Deaf is written with a capital D,

00:43 to distinguish the cultural group from the medical view of the word.

00:50 The Deaf community will be made up of people from different walks of life.

00:55 There are Deaf people who grow up signing;

00:59 People who grow up deaf, but were not exposed to Auslan until later in life;

01:05 People who lose their hearing as an adult;

01:10 And second language learners, such as a interpreters or family members.

01:20 The Deaf community is a small and close - knit community.

01:24 When you meet someone new in the community, the first thing that will usually happen is

01:28 to try to figure out where you both fit and who you both know.

01:32 This often begins with what Deaf school you went to, or where you learnt Auslan.

01:37 This is important for grounding them in the layout of the community.

01:44 The Deaf community is also connected in a global sense.

01:48 Despite coming from different countries, Deaf people are united by shared

01:52 experiences in their societies in which they live.

01:56 The challenges of communication, access, and respect are universal to Deaf people.

02:05 International events such as the Deaflympics, and World Federation of the Deaf conferences

02:13 are good opportunites to come together and celebrate

02:18 the rich culture, history and languages of the Deaf community.