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The Sound Shirt (Hobbies Page)

00:22 music should be for everyone

00:26 introducing this sound shirt a wearable

00:29 device that enables the Deaf to

00:31 experience a concert through touch

00:33 sensations after six months of

00:36 development we put it to the test

01:02 this is how it works microphones all

01:05 over the stage cover the different types

01:07 of instruments a software converts the

01:09 sound into data and sends it to the

01:11 shirt where 16 vibration motors pulsate

01:14 with the intensity of the music for

01:17 example the bass on the stomach and the

01:19 violins along the arms several deaf

01:23 people tested the shirt and their

01:25 reactions speak for themselves

01:32 you

01:43 the sound shirt now available at the

01:46 young symphonic orchestra of Hamburg