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How to make Sport more inclusive for Deaf and HoH Athletes

00:00 Top tips to make local sport more inclusive for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes.

00:06 Tip 1: Learn basic Auslan

00:12 Learning basic Auslan would ensure that great

00:16 athletes like myself can join and participate in your clubs.

00:20 Tip 2: Show, don’t tell

00:24 It’s a great idea for you to show Deaf players

00:27 what to do, rather than just verbalise it and tell them. If they see what you mean,

00:31 they’ll get a greater understanding quickly.

00:35 Tip 3: Look at me

00:38 Please look directly at us when speaking to us.

00:42 It makes it much easier for us to understand you.

00:46 Tip 4: Use visual aids

00:49 To provide better access for Deaf players in your clubs,

00:55 it would be great if you could use some visual cues such as raising a flag

01:01 when blowing the whistle at the same time, just so that deaf players are aware that gameplay

01:06 has stopped for some reason, and allow them some time to get a grasp on what has happened.

01:12 Tip 5: Take an individual approach

01:16 When you realise that someone is hard of hearing or Deaf, and has communication needs,

01:21 take the time to find out, ask them what they need, and find out what their interests are

01:26 and that way you can make them part of your club or community.English (United Kingdom)