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Emergency Information

00:01 On this page you will find Auslan Videos, information and various links related to emergencies in Australia.

00:14 There are many fantastic Auslan resources available with information relating to emergencies in Australia.

00:20 We have taken these resources and tried to put them all together, so that this important information is accessible

00:25 in one central location, making it easier for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities

00:32 to learn and understand about different emergencies or disasters that occur.

00:36 These Auslan resources provide information to help you understand the different natural hazards

00:44 that are experienced by Australians every year.

00:48 You will be able to learn from the experiences of other people in the community

00:52 who have experienced an emergency or disaster first hand.

00:57 You will be also be able to understand how to watch and act so you can take responsibility for your own safety.

01:15 You can learn how to prepare, respond and recover from natural hazard events in the area.

01:29 You will also be able to learn what each of the different emergency services do

01:38 and understand their different roles in emergency situations.

01:41 All of these Auslan resources have been sourced from different Deaf Societies websites.

01:47 The videos have been developed by the various Deaf Societies in partnership with

01:51 local organisations, State Governments or the Federal Government.

02:01 We are thankful that these resources have been developed so that information is made available in Auslan.

02:10 We are grateful for the funding that local organisations and State and Federal Governments have provided

02:18 funding to enable the development of Auslan emergency resources.

02:25 We are now finally seeing more and more instances on media platforms such as TV and Facebook

02:30 where an Auslan interpreter is present on screen for emergency broadcasts. This is great to see and we hope

02:35 this will continue to happen and that having an interpreter on screen becomes normal practice.

02:41 Content on these pages are intended to be a guide only – you are strongly encouraged to check with your local

03:00 emergency service provider to get the most current and accurate information.