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Auslan Video: Your NDIS Plan & Budget

00:07 As an NDIS participant you have choice and control over how you manage your NDIS plan.

00:14 In this video we’ll explain how your NDIS plan is set-up

00:17 and how to spend the funds in your NDIS plan.

00:20 Your plan may include:

00:27 1. Informal supports such as family and friend.

00:30 2. Community supports for events or social gatherings.

00:38 3. Mainstream supports such as health appointments.

00:48 4. Reasonable and necessary funded supports for supports you need to overcome barriers.

01:01 Your NDIS Plan has three sections which are called support budgets. These are:

01:05 1. Core

01:07 2. Capital, and

01:09 3. Capacity building

01:13 Each section has its own budget.

01:15 I will explain further in more details about each of them.

01:18 The Core budget is designed to support you in your day-to-day

01:23 needs and includes supports such as personal care.

01:27 You have flexibility as to how much of your budget you wish to use across the categories of daily activities,

01:33 social, community and civic participation and consumables.

01:45 Your Capital Supports budget is for purchasing one-off items

01:52 such as equipment, technology or for home or vehicle modifications.

01:58 The Capacity building section of your NDIS plan is about the skill building,

02:10 training and learning you need to achieve your goals.

02:15 The funding in this section is allocated across various categories that align to your goals.

02:23 Remember, this is your plan and YOU have control over the supports and services you receive.

02:35 For more information, have a look on the website or contact the NDIS.