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Auslan Video: Tips for Communication

00:08 If you'd like to talk to a Deaf or hard of hearing person, here are some tips on effective communication.

00:19 Always ask the person how they prefer to communicate.

00:24 Don't assume they can lip-read this is only 30% accurate.

00:29 If the preference is Auslan an interpreter should be provided.

00:39 Gain their attention by tapping on their shoulder

00:43 or moving your hand within their visual field.

00:48 Ensure the deaf person is looking at you when you talk.

00:52 Talk normally and maintain eye contact.

00:55 Ensure there is adequate lighting for the deaf person to follow your lip movements.

01:03 Provide visual cues during conversation,

01:07 use gestures, mime or point as required so the deaf person can clue in.

01:17 Avoid shouting as this distorts lip patterns making it difficult to lip read.

01:24 Say the same thing normally but in a different way as it's usually that

01:29 keyword the deaf person does not understand.

01:34 This gives the best opportunity for clear understanding.

01:39 Avoid habits such as smoking, gum or pencil chewing,

01:44 putting hands in front of your face or eating while speaking.

01:51 Always make communication as visible as possible. Use pen and paper, whiteboard or

01:57 PowerPoint during presentations.

02:02 Clue in the deaf person on subject changes,

02:06 once a deaf person knows the topic you are talking about they generally understand.

02:11 However if you change the topic let the deaf person know

02:15 as they may still think you are talking about the old subject.

02:23 Again always ask the person how they prefer to communicate.