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Auslan Video: My NDIS Pathway

00:04 Welcome to the National Disability Insurance Scheme

00:07 This green man represents you.

00:13 When you are approved for NDIS support, you are called a participant.

00:23 This video will help you understand the path you will travel as the NDIS works with you.

00:30 What can I expect from the NDIS?

00:33 You will learn all about that in this video.

00:44 How does the NDIS work? Can I participate?

00:49 The NDIS is a new way of providing disability support.

00:55 It takes a lifetime approach, investing in people with disability.

01:07 Why will the NDIS support people with a disability?

01:12 To build skills and capability so they can participate in the community and employment.

01:28 Can anyone access the NDIS?

01:32 It depends on your age, where you live and disability.

01:40 Age?

01:42 You need to be under 65 years of age.

01:45 You also have to live in Australia and be an Australian citizen, or have paperwork to live here permanently.

01:55 Can anyone with a disability participate in the NDIS?

02:00 You must have a permanent disability that you will have for life

02:07 and the disability must impact how you manage everyday activities.

02:19 What do I need to do to access the NDIS?

02:23 Your first step once you access the NDIS is to create your first plan.

02:33 Your first plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIS.

02:40 It will make sure you have time to learn more about all of your options with the NDIS.

02:44 It will continue to give you the support you need now.

02:48 Your first plan will give you time to think about what you might need to help you achieve your goals

02:55 before you do your next plan.

03:00 What should I include in my first plan?

03:04 Include your goals and the supports that will help you achieve them.

03:14 How is the plan filled out?

03:19 You include the supports you need. Some of these may be informal such as family and friends.

03:31 I get some support from the Deaf community through the Deaf bushwalking group,

03:38 is that something I can put down?

03:40 Yes you can include support from people or groups in your community.

03:47 There are also mainstream supports and services you get from people like doctors and teachers.

03:52 The NDIS can fund supports that are reasonable and necessary.

04:04 How long does the first plan last?

04:07 Your first plan will be in place for 12 months.

04:13 Why only 12 months?

04:15 This will give you time to think about how those supports are working for you.

04:33 When does the plan start?

04:36 The plan starts once it is approved.

04:42 Who is in charge of the plan?

04:45 There are two options, the first being self-direction.

04:50 You have control over your supports and how they are provided, as well as payments to your providers.

04:56 Or you can have an organisation manage your plan for you.

05:08 So how would I go about booking an interpreter?

05:12 You need to decide which agency or interpreter you want to book with

05:20 and you can book and pay them directly.

05:25 You are able to change to a different agency, even if you have been with them for a long time.

05:33 Everyone can choose where their supports come from.

05:38 If I want to self-direct what do I have to do?

05:43 You will normally need to make a written agreement with your providers.

05:51 Where is my plan kept?

05:54 You can access your plan and other documents on the Participant Portal,

06:00 an online tool available through the myGov website.

06:06 So a lot of thought has to go into a plan.

06:11 Yes, think about your future goals and consider activities and ways of achieving them.

06:38 While everyone is different, you will generally have your first plan for 12 months.

06:46 At this time you will work with the NDIS to make any changes.

06:53 You make changes to the plan?

06:55 This is called a plan review.

06:59 This is where you meet with the NDIS and think about which supports are helping you and which are not.

07:05 So I need to think carefully before my review meeting?

07:11 Yes, you think about which supports are working well,

07:18 whether your access has improved and what gaps are still there.

07:23 Think about your interests and what you would like to change.

07:27 This is important because people's needs and interests change over time.

07:38 Write this down so that you are prepared for your plan review.

07:50 It really is important to plan before the review meeting.

07:54 Absolutely.

08:01 When does the NDIS end?

08:06 The NDIS will support you throughout your life for as long as you need it,

08:13 so this pathway will continue on, and you’ll update your plan as your needs change.

08:21 If you want more information it would be best have a look on the NDIS website, or give them a call.