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Auslan Video: Developing your First NDIS Plan

00:03 As a future NDIS participant,

00:07 you may have a few questions about developing your first plan.

00:10 This video will help you answer some of the more common ones.

00:13 Your first plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIS.

00:21 We understand that every person living with a disability has different needs,

00:30 and we’re here to help you develop a plan that YOU have choice and control over.

00:38 Your plan will be unique to you and your exact needs, whatever they may be.

00:44 To get your first plan,

00:46 a representative of the NDIS will call you or your nominee,

00:49 to have a planning conversation.

00:52 If you already receive support from a government disability program,

00:57 rest assured that until you have an NDIS plan, your existing supports and services will continue.

01:08 In this event you’ll be contacted by an NDIS representative when it is time to transition.

01:17 In your first planning conversation, you may be asked about:

01:22 How you manage everyday activities?

01:26 What community and mainstream supports do you need?

01:28 What do you want to achieve?

01:31 If you do not feel safe or worried about something you can list them down on the plan.

01:38 List your future goals, make sure you include everything on the plan.

01:48 We’ll also talk about how you want to manage your plan. This could be:

01:53 1. You or your nominee.

01:57 2. Registered plan management provider, or

02:01 3. The NDIS.

02:05 If you’re wondering what type of supports you can receive,

02:08 the NDIS funds reasonable and necessary supports that must either:

02:12 Be associated with day-to-day living,

02:15 be a resource to help you live an ordinary life, and

02:20 help you build the skills you need to live the life you want.

02:31 Once your plan is finalized you will be contacted by an NDIS representative

02:36 to discuss how to put your plan into action.

02:40 Remember, you will have ongoing opportunities to review and revise your plan over time,

02:55 and YOU have control over the supports and services you receive and flexibility of your budget.

03:14 For more information, have a look on the website or contact the NDIS.