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Auslan Video: Accessing the NDIS

00:03 As the NDIS is introduced around Australia,

00:07 you may have a few questions about how to access the NDIS.

00:10 This video will help you answer some of the more common ones.

00:14 NDIS are currently rolling out in many different areas.

00:17 You must live in an area where the NDIS is currently available.

00:21 You may meet the access requirements up to six months prior to the NDIS rolling out in your area.

00:27 In some of these areas, you also need to be a certain age.

00:35 To become an NDIS participant you must:

00:42 Have a permanent and significant disability or developmental delay.

00:51 Be of a certain age when you first apply to enter the NDIS.

00:54 Live in Australia where the NDIS is available.

00:59 Be an Australian citizen or hold a permanent visa or a Protected Special Category visa.

01:12 If you already receive supports from a State or Territory government disability program,

01:16 your current supports and services will continue.

01:18 You will be contacted when it is time to transition.

01:21 As you prepare to access the NDIS, you might like to work with a family member, friend or LAC,

01:26 early childhood partner, your doctor or other health professional.

01:32 Your doctor or health professional may be asked to provide evidence, by completing the special form.

01:37 They may also be asked to provide more information that explains the impact of your disability.

01:42 The form is called NDIS Supporting Evidence Form or parts of the Access Request Form.

01:51 Once you are granted access to the NDIS you will be contacted to begin your planning conversation.

01:58 It is expected to take between six to twelve months

02:01 for eligible people with disability to enter the NDIS once roll out starts in your area.

02:05 You can talk to your NDIS representative about this.

02:11 For more information, you can have a look on the website or contact the NDIS.