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Auslan Video: What is Deafness?

00:04 Deafness is a partial or complete inability to hear sounds.

00:11 A deaf person may have some residual hearing,

00:14 or they may be profoundly deaf, hearing nothing.

00:19 One in six Australians experience some form of hearing loss.

00:27 With an aging population, it is set to increase to one in four by 2050.

00:38 The preferred terms are Deaf and hard of hearing.

00:43"Hearing impaired" should be avoided as it carries negative connotations

00:48 and implies that the individual is ‘less than’.

00:55 The main challenge that a Deaf or hard of hearing person faces in their daily life

01:00 is communicating with mainstream society.

01:06 While some deafness is genetic, surprisingly more than 90% of deaf children

01:14 are born into families where everyone else can hear.

01:18 Commonly, these families have never met a deaf person before,

01:23 so the added uncertainty of a diagnosis, on top of having a new born, can be very challenging.

01:32 Aside from genetics, hearing loss can be caused by illness,

01:36 injury or exposure to excessive noise.

01:43 Young Australians have a greater risk of acquiring a hearing loss through their leisure activities,

01:49 such as listening to music through headphones and regularly going to nightclubs and live music concerts.

01:59 Now you know how to correctly define Deafness